HDML Cloner Box

Game capture is a great pastime. It allows you to build a following of other gamers that also enjoy your gameplay, when you upload to Youtube. You can then monetize your game views with the help of a game publishing network. This means game capture is more attractive than ever, and what was once considered a past time, is now becoming a part time money earner.

With almost all game capture devices, you are limited to having to capture your game footage to PC. This can sometimes be invocnvientat if your PC or laptop is located far away from your TV, or even impossible if your computer is in another room. Is there a possible solution? Yes, in the form of the HDML Cloner Box. It’s a game capture device that allows you to record your video game footage, direct to a removable USB device. This can be either an external hard drive, or a USB flash drive.

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The Cloner Box has a huge compatibility repertoire. You can record from any video source, so even new consoles such as Xbox and Playstation, all the way back to N64 are recordable. You will need some extra console to HDMI cables, so getting your game capture session setup might take a little work. However, there is a bigger demand than ever before for retro games, as well as an ever consuming appetite for the latest game, so it will be worth it. You can create videos with the best of both worlds.

The recording output formats that the HDML Cloner Box supports include 720p with a framerate of 60FPS, up to 1080p with a framerate of 30FPS. This will allow you to capture all the on screen action in detail, with game franchises such as Call of Duty. ┬áThe device records via USB with USB 2.0, so although the speeds are fast, they aren’t as fast as USB 3.0 which hopefully will be re-released at some point with the upgrade. This won’t have any detrimental affect on your gameplay capture though, even at a high action animation scenes in game, the device will still capture 99% of the action on screen. More than enough to keep your Twitch TV and Youtube subscribers happy.

You aren’t limited to just capturing video game footage. Any device that you can plug into your TV, as long as you can get an HDMI convertor cable will work. This includes Blu-ray, and even cable boxes. Even if you have a desire to record movies and series from online streaming services such as Netflix, you can do so by hooking the Cloner Box up to your PC.

You can use any type of USB flash drive with it, to capture the video. This means you can record your video to your thumb drive, and play it anywhere. Very handy if you want to take the video footage, and edit it on a separate piece of video editing software such as Adobe Premiere, or Sony Movie Studio. Although you don’t need to use these exclusively, you can just output the file to your device. If you plan on recording larger video’s, then you might need to purchase an external USB powered hard drive. This will give you the possibility of using TB’s of storage. So you can record large walkthroughs or extended gameplay videos.

There aren’t very many game capture devices that can do what the HDML Cloner Box can do, which is to record directly to USB, and this does it very well. So if you want a no hassle card, and don’t have the luxury of having a PC close to your gaming TV, then you should definitely give this a look.


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