Elgato Game Capture HD

Video games are an enormous pastime for many people. It’s a social, as well as cultural glue, that gives rise to cooperation, inclusiveness, and teamplay, and is an easy and cheap way for children and adults to entertain themselves in more than just a passive way.

Everybody wants to capture their video game footage, and either upload to youtube, or just video edit the best bits for memories of their gameplay that they can share with friends. Uploading video game footage to the internet is more popular than ever, and it’s made easy with the help of devices such as video capture units and cards.

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Currently, one of the hottest and most popular video game capture devices for sale is the Elgato Game Capture HD. It allows you to record from a number of the latest consoles, including Playstation 3 and 4. The Xbox 360 and One, and even the Wii.

You can record all your frags and headshots to either a PC or Mac, and you can live stream to Youtube and Twitch. The name of the Elgato contains HD, and this is because it can handle up to full 1080p. This means your videos will be great quality, even on a large screen TV. If you want to know about frame rates, then you will be recording at 30fps if you’re set to 1080p, and if you record at 720p, then you can expect 60fps. Unless there is a huge amount of onscreen action, you won’t see much of a difference on the final output after uploading. The reason that it doesn’t capture higher frame rates is the size of the output full, and if you are streaming, this will take up a huge amount of bandwidth.

The device is pretty simple, it it a slick black box, that has slots for A/V in and HDMI in, and then the output is HDMI and USB. Although this will work with new consoles, it is also compatible with older classic consoles too, such as NES, Megadrive, Dreamcast, but you will need to purchase a separate cable that allows you to take an S-Video input, and an adapter to convert the RF signal.

It’s super easy to set things up. You just connect the Elgato Game Capture between your console, and your TV, as well as your PC or laptop. Once it’s in place, the magic begins. You will need to ensure that you have a long enough cable. If your computer is located at the other side of the room, then you’ll need a longer cable. The cables that are included with the Elgato are meant for a a few feet only.

If you plan to add any commentary to your video, you will need your gaming headset or microphone at the ready. You will have to run a couple of tests before you start recording your best gameplay, as you do have the get the microphone, and in game sound effects and music settings just right, if you want to hear the commentary. If you plan to put commentary in after you have finished the capture and gameplay, you will need to export the video to another video program such as Sony Vegas, or Windows Movie Maker.

Although the box does all the hard work, everything happens in the Elgato software that you load in on your PC. It’s like a fully functional video editing suite that makes everything easy to edit, cut, and include in your final video gaming session output.

If you’re planning on streaming the session live, then this is fine. You can have your gaming session streaming live to Twitch or Youtube as you play. With the Elgato, you get all the on screen action with 0 lag. You have the ability to just with a single click share to Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.

You can also use the Elgato to record broadcast TV shows, or movies. Really anything that you can view on your TV, you can capture it. You will need an HDMI splitter that removes HDCP protection though, as this is in place to stop this, because of copyright and piracy issues.

This is a game capture device that will have you uploading and creating videos that will make you the envy of your gaming friends, and once you get used to working with it, your Youtube subscribers will only increase.

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